One of the ultimate fashion trend inspired by soldiers at war is military boots for females. These boots have excellent grip and provide protection and safety to foot in difficult conditions.

The newer ones also come with good ventilation and comfort.The entry of these footwear has brought the change faster.

Combat boots are popular in fashion including women and have slowly got into mainstream. People like them because they are durable,comfortable. They last longer than fashion boots and other shoes.

Top combat boots

Full-grain leather upper
Manmade sole
Black, Pink, White, Red, Floral, Red, Leopard print and others5 B(M) US - 11 B(M) US$56.99 - $239.994.5
LetheretteBlack, Tan, Brown, Taupe, Conac, Black Camouflage5.5 B(M) US - 10 B(M) US$11.26 - $49.954.1
Manmade sole
Black11 B(M) US$129.975.0
Faux Leather Upper
Black6 B(M) US - 11 B(M) US$19.11 - $44.954.3
Manmade sole
Black5.5 B(M) US - 10 B(M) US$39.99 - $58.954.2
Palladium Women's Pampa Tactical Boot
Palladium Pampa Tactical
Leather and fabric
Manmade sole
Brown/Olive Drab5.5 B(M) US - 11 B(M) US$109.955.0
Nana American Flag Lace Up Military Style

Man made materialsBlack/American Flag6 B(M) US - 11 B(M) US$44.99 - $54.994.0
BLOSSOM CANA-8 Women's combat style mid calf boots with PU upper and pull up strap on the back
Blossom Cana mid calf
Rubber soleBurgundy, Black Brown, Cognac, Cognac PU7 B(M) US$39.993.1
Groove Women's Military Lace Up
Groove Military lace up
SyntheticCognac Force, Black Force, Black6 B(M) US - 10 B(M) US$22.99 - $39.994.1

Types of women combat boots

Patent Leather

These also known as dress boots are worn with military uniforms and they do not need polishing as they are high gloss.

Paratrooper boots

Paratrooper boots or “Jump” boots as the name suggests is worn by paratroopers. They typically have side zippers instead of the laces.

General issue

These are black leather boots having nylon laces at front and need to be polished.

Jungle boots

Jungle boots or tropical boots have canvas tops and vents to prevent water from getting and remaining in the boots when using in moist terrain.

Desert Boots

Desert boots are full leather tan-colored boots. These cannot be polished.  because the leather is not the same smooth leather used in all of the other boots. Desert boots are mostly suede.

Extreme Cold Weather boots

Extreme Cold Weather boots are known as ECWs are rubber boots that can be either black or white. They can withstand temperatures upto 20 degree Fahrenheit as they contain thick liners to prevent cold air and moisture reaching your feet.

Tanker Boots

Tanker boots are full leather boots and do not have laces. These use leather straps to tighten them and are mostly used by tank operators.


The ideal materials for military boots should be waterproof, durable, supporting, and protect your feet and ankles. There are combat boots with a steel toe meant for people who do hard labor.

Military boots are normally made by rubber, grain leather, and nylon. They normally also come with a rubber sole.

It is important that the boot materials are slip and oil resistant. And also prevent, and are usable for conditions that you intend to use it in e.g. if you are buying it for fashion in a hot climate, it should be well ventilated or it can become messy with sweat.

Boots with Buckles, Zippers, and Studs

Military boots can be added with buckles, zippers, gems and studs. These can make the look more feminine giving a flirty touch. Adorned footwear can become the centre of attraction for an outfit which otherwise

Laces or Zippers

Laces or zippers can be choice in tying up the boots. Laces look more rugged and zippers will be more convenient. Buckles also are an option.

Dresses that go with military boots

With Pants

Miley Cyrus in black jeans shorts with combat boots

Miley Cyrus in black jeans shorts with combat boots

Cuffed jeans and a white tshirt with ankle or mid-calf military boots can look absolutely gorgeous. You can add a cargo jacket to this in cooler climates.

Tapered khakis will go well with brown shoes.

You can tuck the jeans in taller boots.

Rugged army boots should be complemented with feminine tops and accessories. On the other hand feminine boots can be complemented with more rugged tops and accessories.

With Skirts

Leather jacket and short skirts

Leather jacket and short skirts

Pencil skirts with combat boots are a new take on the feminie style. Good jackets will look good with long skirts and boots. For shorter skirts wear ankle boots.

With Dresses

Floral dress with jacket and knee high boots

Floral dress with jacket and knee high boots

These will look great with a dress. A pair of mid-calf military boots with a sundress and a fitted denim jacket can do wonders for you.
In winters you can choose, studded military boots with a sweater dress and tights.
For a sexy look, the army boots can go with a cocktail dress or a short evening dress.

Boot height

The typical boot heights available are:


The typical color is black, beige, brown, grey but you can also get them in bright colors like green, yellow, red, pink. They come with polka dots as well and also handpainted options are there.

Size and fitting

This is the most important factor while selecting a pair of boots. This is more difficult than selecting a shoe as not only the size of foot needs to be considered but the calf size is also important.
If you have a wide or narrow calf, you have to be extra careful here. There are boots that are designated wide calf.
Lace is a btter option if leg sizes that fall outside the measurement.

Petite women should wear ankle or mid-calf to avoid looking short. Taller women with long legs can go for any style.

Popular brands

Dr Martens
New Balance
Black Hawk


The price of the boots will depend on type of material used. There are inexpensive ones which can be around $30 or you have to wait or look out for a sale to get in this range.
A good comfortable chic boot will be expensive and will be made from good  quality leather.


One of the most important aspects of a combat boot is the socks that go with it. These need special socks which prevent the foot from slipping. These also ensure that the boots fit well.
If the socks are bigger than your foot, it will cause discomfort.
Also remember that leather can bite in absence of socks so you should not try to wear the boots without them specially if you are using them for activities like trekking and other adventures.

These are one of the most stylish footwear inspired by soldiers at battle.
Women Combat Boots
Date Published: 07/10/2013
These footwear are chic and fashionable. They look trendy with all dresses and are amongst the coolest dressing options
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